Friday, January 23, 2009

Not surprised: Media went crazy over BHO Inauguration

I can't imagine anyone being shocked at this story re: media going nuts over Obama inauguration. Aside from the fact that we already know the media loves Obama (tingling legs and all) this election and subsequent inauguration really fit the bill as real news.

I may fault the media for the way they faun over Obama, but we have crossed a threshold and this is a first for America. Would that the election of our first mixed-race half-white half-black President were the only thing newsworthy about this election. Good chance the "changes" he makes won't be news many of us will want to read.

Comparing this inauguration to the second term of President Bush's inauguration isn't exactly comparing apples to apples, either. Now maybe they used the 2005 Bush inauguration simply to swell the stats for their story and make Obama look better... that wouldn't surprise me either.

Study: Media Went Crazy over Obama Inauguration
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 9:25 PM
LOS ANGELES — President Barack Obama's inauguration generated an unprecedented 35,000 stories in the world's major newspapers, television and radio broadcasts over the past day -- about 35 times more than the last presidential swearing-in -- a monitoring group said on Wednesday...

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