Friday, October 16, 2009

CNN the "real" news organization...

This morning I'm walking on the treadmill, watching Fox News and a commercial happened... So, I decide to flip stations rather than sit through what's now three minutes of advertising (which I completely support, understand and encourage, except three minutes is way, way too long to wait for more news... oops, sorry, I meant to say Republican propaganda. My bad.).

Anyway, instead of channeling up like I normally do, I go downward and come upon CNN. You know, the station the White House, through mouthpiece Anita Dunn, says is real news as opposed to Fox?

On Fox News the topics of the morning included health care, spending, the kid who they thought flew off in the experimental air balloon, etc.

On CNN? I was treated to real news. Yep, I sat through a minute or two of their story on a woman who had a heart attack and then had an out of body experience. Ya know, it was like she floated outside her body and could see everything that was going on...

That's about as much as I could take of the White House's "real" news station. I flipped away from the woo-woo stuff (not that I completely discount it, I've read tons of books in my days about similar experiences...) and went back to the frivolous stuff they stick on Fox.

If you've had or are having an out-of-body experience, contact CNN. You are news.

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