Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Times Picture Worth 1,000 Words of BiasBy Don Feder Friday February 27, 2009 The New York Times ran a picture in yesterday's paper that's a classic illustration of how to slant the news with a carefully staged photograph.

In Covering Obama, The Times Doesn’t Probe, It PuffsBy Don Feder Wednesday February 25, 2009 Editors of The New York Times should be drawing salaries from the White House for writing press releases camouflaged as news coverage.

Times Won’t Report That Suspect In Chandra Levy Murder Is An Illegal AlienBy Don Feder Monday February 23, 2009 An article in the Sunday New York Times notes that authorities are about to make an arrest in the 7-year-old murder case of former Washington intern Chandra Levy. It omitted the most important detail.

Times Glosses Over Kansas Gov’s Radical Pro-Abortion RecordBy Don Feder Thursday February 19, 2009 In a story today on President Obama's likely choice of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Human Services, The New York Times glossed over the nominee's radical pro-abortion record in two sentences: "One issue that could draw attention is her stance on abortion. A Roman Catholic who says abortion's wrong, Ms. Sebelius vetoed a bill requiring clinics to report information on why a late-term abortion was performed, drawing the condemnation of the archbishop of Kansas City, Kan."

Times Asserts Americans Want Bigger GovernmentBy Don Feder Tuesday February 17, 2009 One of The New York Times' favorite techniques for indoctrinating in the guise of news coverage is to casually assert something that advances its agenda and expect readers to take it at face value.

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