Thursday, March 26, 2009

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NY Times’ Latest Service at Altar of Obama
By Don Feder Wednesday March 25, 2009
In a mainstream media with a mad crush on the messiah in the White House, none can come close to matching the adoration of The New York Times.

Times Radiates Optimism on Regulation of Executive Pay
By Don Feder Monday March 23, 2009
When it comes to forging new frontiers of statism and savaging the free market, The New York Times has a ho-hum, what's-the-big-deal attitude.

What The Times and AP Won’t Tell You About The UN’s Gay Rights Resolution
By Don Feder Friday March 20, 2009
By uncritically publishing an Associated Press report on the Obama administration's decision to support a United Nations statement on "gay rights," The New York Times once again told only part of the story -- the part that suited its purposes.

Jerry Newcombe, WAFT Ft Lauderdale
Don Feder discusses New York Times columnist Frank Rich's assertion that social conservatism is dying on Vocal Point with Jerry Newcombe on WAFG in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. [audio:] Click above to play or you can download the MP3.

Hamilton A Judical “Moderate,” According To NY Times
By Don Feder Wednesday March 18, 2009
An article in yesterday's New York Times hails District Court Judge David F. Hamilton -- likely to be Obama's first nominee for the U.S. Appeals Court -- as a "moderate."

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