Thursday, March 26, 2009

TimesWatch Tracker

Amazing Omissions in Times Interview of Barney Frank
A Times writer manages to talk to Barney Frank about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and an SNL skit without bringing up a single challenging question.

Free-Market Radical From Czech Republic "Embarrasses" EU Again
Once again, the Times chides a Czech Republic leader's infuriating embrace of free-market principles.

Striving to Paint a More Positive Picture of a Cop-Killer
Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers -- but was he also a victim of the California penal system?

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Chuck said...

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the TW link, I'm going to link to it on my site. I had a comment on my site that made the point that maybe wwe should consider RICO for the way news organizations report. I think this is a little farfetched but certainly food for thought.